National Plan Development

Based on results from 2018 to 2022, National Climate Change Adaptation Action Plan 2023-2026 was promulgated by the cooperation between Environmental Protection Administration and 16 minitries.

Climate Change Impact

Average temperature in Taiwan has increased by about 1.3°C for the past 100 years. In addition to temperature changes, the difference between dry, wet seasons and the intensity of extreme rainfall have been rising, at the same time, the ferocity of typhoons has been escalating evidently. (Taiwan Climate Change Science Report 2017, Ministry of Science and Technology)。

Climate Change Impact

Development Procedure

National Development Council

A specialized committee was established in 2010, and successively completed the legislation of「 Adaptation Strategy to Climate Change in Taiwan」and「 National Climate Change Adaptation Action Plan 2013-2017」,which are the foundation of national adaptation plan in Taiwan。

Environmental Protection Administration

The 「 National Climate Change Action Guidelines」 passed in 2017 was based on the 「 Greenhouse Gas Reduction and Management Act 」 legislated in 2015. With the legislative foundation to advance national adaptation plan, the Environmental Protection Administration cooperates with National Development Council and other 16 ministries to develop the 「 National Climate Change Adaptation Action Plan 2018-2022 」 jointly.

Ministry of Science and Technology

The Ministry of Science and Technology invited expertise and scholars in related fields to publish 「Climate Change Report in Taiwan, 2011」,cooperatively based on AR4 scenario from IPCC. After the publication of AR5 scenario from IPCC, relevant scientific research was re-examined, and the 「Climate Change Report in Taiwan, 2017」(was issued, which is divided into 「Physical Phenomenon」 and 「Impact and Adaptation」 two parts).