Examples of Climate Change Adaptation in Taiwan:Rain Garden

To establish resilient communities with capacity to adapt to climate change, the Environmental Protection Administration of the Executive Yuan has focused on regional and local areas. Small-scale water conservation and cooling demonstration facilities are integrated with the public living environment.

Idle spaces on campus were used to set up a multi-functional smart rain garden, which creates a special place for water retention, cooling, and environmental education purposes. It collects roof runoff to provide watering for the rain garden and surrounding plants, thus achieving water recycling and reuse. An Internet of Things (IoT) real-time monitoring system was set up at the site, with solar panels to evaluate the facility’s performance. Ultimately, a multi-functional smart rain garden was created to save water save energy, conserve water, and lower temperatures.

The rain garden not only helps cool down the urban area and reduce puddles, but also enhance the adaptability of the campus.

   Guests experiencing rain garden in the press conference


   Minister Chang of MOENV watering the garden with a pump