In response to the increasing climate change impacts, the National Development Council of the Executive Yuan has established the committee on "Planning and Development of Climate Change Adaptation Policy Guideline and Action Plan" in 2010. The committee was responsible for the planning of national adaptation work.

    Afterward, the Greenhouse Gas Reduction and Management Act was promulgated in 2015, and the Ministry of Environment (MOENV) became the competent authority.

    According to regulation from the Greenhouse Gas Reduction and Management Act, the “National Climate Change Action Guidelines” was formulated in 2017, as the general policy for national greenhouse gas emission reduction and adaptation work.

    The "Greenhouse Gas Reduction and Management Act (2015)" authorizes the MOENV to compile the "National Climate Adaptation Action Plan (2018-2022)" along with other ministries. It was approved by the Executive Yuan on September 9, 2019, to serve as the basis to promote national adaptation.