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The Environmental Protection Administration and 16 ministries from the Executive Yuan jointly compiled the "National Climate Change Adaptation Action Plan (2018-2022)".

The Action Plan is based on the achievements and experiences of the National Development Council, in order to improve national climate change adaptation ability, coordinate disaster prevention and response strategies, reduce vulnerability, increase resilience and echo the sustainable development goals. It contains action plans for 9 sectors, including disaster, infrastructure, water resource, land use, coastal and marine environment, energy supply and industry, agricultural production and biodiversity, public health, and capacity building.

Climate change adaptation work is interdisciplinary, and is related to the responsibilities of multiple authorities. After setting the goals of the Adaptation Action Plan (2018-2022), each authority examined the impact of climate change as it relates to their duties and proposed strategies and action plans. There is a total of 125 adaptation action plans (87 continuing plans and 38 new plans), According to priority and urgency, 71 adaptation action plans (52 continuing plans and 19 new plans) have been designated as top priorities.

  • Capacity Building
  • Water Resource
    Land Use
    Coastal and Marine Environment
  • Energy Supply and Industry
    Agricultural Production and Biodiversity
    Public Health