Greenhouse Gas Reduction and Management Act

The “Greenhouse Gas Reduction and Management Act” (the Act) is promulgated by Presidential Order on July 01, 2015. In accordance with the spirit of UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) on common but differentiated responsibilities, environmental justice, environmental protection, and sustainable development. As the bridge between domestic policy integration and international cooperation, the Act stipulates long-term national greenhouse gas emission reduction goal, responsibilities of government, and environmental education in Taiwan.

The Act contains a total of 34 articles divided into six chapters, including “Chapter 1 General Principles” with 7 articles, “Chapter 2 Authority and Responsibility of Government Agencies” with 8 articles, “Chapter 3 Emission Reduction Measures” with 8 articles, “Chapter 4 Education and Grants” with 4 articles, “Chapter 5 Penalty Provisions” with 5 articles, and “Chapter 6 Supplementary Provisions” with 2 articles.

    Adaptation implementation is based on the Greenhouse Gas Reduction and Management Act and related laws.
    Article 13 from the Act stipulates that, “The central industry competent authorities shall survey emission, compile relevant statistics and develop climate change adaptation strategies.”.

    Article 11 from the Enforcement Rules of the Act stipulates that, “Climate change adaptation strategies developed by the central industry competent authorities shall assess vulnerability and climate change impact based on responsible sectors, to formulate and promote related adaptation strategies; The central industry competent authorities shall compile an adaptation report every year for submission to the central competent authorities.”.

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